FMC Running, LLC. (Faith Makes Champions Running)

FMC Running is a privately run Christian company that specializes in distance running camps, private coaching, motivational and educational speaking engagements.

Do you not know that those who run in a race all run, but only one receives the prize? Run in such a way that you may win the prize.

1 Corinthians 9:24

RUNNING CAMPS: If you are interested in attending one of our running camps, please click on the GLXC camp link to the left. We currently have openings for our June Camp ('17) and August Camp ('18).

PRIVATE COACHING: We offer individualized coaching customized to your lifestyle, family and work commitments, past running experience and future goals. We understand that although you may be passionate and dedicated to your running goals, other areas of your life are important as well. We work with and around your life to create a plan to maximize your time and miles, so that you can accomplish your goals. We can also provide you information on nutrition, stretching, strength training, and cross training. We take clients that are beginners to running, as well as seasoned veterans who are looking to break through a plateau and reach new goals. Our clients include elementary aged runners through silver haired marathoners! If you are seeking a personal coach that knows your needs and can develop a plan around your life instead of a cookie cutter "program" straight out of a book, call, text or email the number below.

Head Coach: Steve Long, (269)808-0613,


Gold plan: $30/month includes a startup meeting to discuss lifestyle and goals, monthly plans, and unlimited texts or emails. (currently not available)

Platinum plan: $55/month includes a startup meeting to discuss lifestyle and goals, a weekly plan, a monthly meeting to discuss progress, race analysis, unlimited texts, emails, calls. (2 spots available)

Group plans also available: Pricing dependent upon needs and participants. (average $20/person per month)

MOTIVATIONAL/EDUCATIONAL SPEAKING: If you're interested in our educational or motivational speaking services, please email or call us at address or number listed below.

Head Coach: Steve Long, (269)808-0613,


Jerrie came to me looking to qualify for Boston. She had run several marathons, but couldn't make the qualifying time.

"In 2014, Matt and Jenna called me on their way home from Boston [marathon]. I had run the Gazelle Girls Half Marathon in 1:47:25 shortly before they went, and they really wanted me to try to qualify to run Boston with them in 2015. Although I had run the distance multiple times, I didn't believe I would be fast enough to qualify. I had a little over 4 months to train for the Erie Marathon at Presque Isle. There were many times I didn't understand why I was running the workouts the way you had me doing them, but Matt promised if I ran what I was told to run, I would qualify. Not only did I qualify, I improved my time by 23:24 and was nearly 11 minutes under the qualifying time for my age group!"

"My mile is faster. My 5k is faster. My 10k is faster. My marathon is faster."

"I would recommend Steve to anyone who has a goal and is willing to work hard to achieve it. Because Steve's genuine enthusiasm for the sport of running is contagious, he is a great motivator. I have had the opportunity to watch Steve work with many levels of runners. He has the ability to connect with each runner "where the runner is and where they want to be" (the "I should start running runner"; the "I want to finish a 5k runner"; the "I want to be a faster runner"; or the "I want to qualify for the big race" runner). Not every runner is/or wants to be a superstar, but Steve seems to know just how far he can push each individual to get the most out of them."


Matt came to me after running 4 previous marathons. He wanted to qualify for Boston, but his best time was 3:20:03 and his qualifying time was 3:10. I've coached him for 5 years and 9 marathons.

"I always wanted to qualify for the Boston Marathon, but couldn't run the 3:10 qualifying time. In my first marathon with Coach Long, I ran a 3:01 and qualified for Boston! Since then, my time has continued to drop, and in my most recent race, I ran a 2:51:57 and qualified for the 2016 NYC Marathon. Qualifying for Boston was the initial goal when I started working with Coach Long, and I qualified in my first race with him. Coach Long also coached me to my first sub 3:00 marathon, my first half marathon win, a NYC qualifier, and a PR 2:51:57. And right now, we are working toward breaking the 2:50 mark!"

"Coach Long allows me to be a part of the goal setting and tells me, upfront, how difficult he thinks it will be to accomplish. He has also edited my workout plan from race to race to help me improve and stay engaged."

"My best experience with Coach Long was after my first Boston Marathon. I had text messages, and notes from friends and family, but the very first text message I received was from Coach Long, "You went out too fast." I knew he was watching. I knew he was engaged. I knew he cared. And I knew he thought I could be better."

"Every time I call Coach Long with my new goal, he outlines what it will take to get there - not the specific workouts, but the commitment required, and most importantly, he reminds me to make sure my family is onboard. My wife and kids make sacrifices for my miles too."